Takanawa AT Nordic Green Japan 2013

Posted by Takanawa Energy Finance | 24/10/2013

Mr. Bolli Thoroddsen, representative of Takanawa, had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Nordic Green Japan conference, organized by the Nordic Embassies in Japan,  about geothermal energy development and financing. About 200 guests, mainly from Japanese energy and finance companies as well as government organizations, participated in the conference. This was the second time Nordic Green Japan was held, previously it was held in 2011, where Takanawa also participated.


Mr. Bolli Thoroddsen introduces Iceland geothermal energy companies, and USA IPP companies




Mr. Bolli Thoroddsen explains the feed in tariff (FIT) system for geothermal energy in Japan, Germany and Indonesia. In Iceland geothermal energy is developed in such an economical way that there is no FIT