47 years experience in the Japanese pharma market

Former Management Board Member of Aventis Japan (now Sanofi)
Former Advisor for Sanofi Pasteur

Has been involved in 11 major M&A/JV transactions with major pharmaceutical companies in Japan, USA and EU
Has been involved in acquisition of 11 major branded products
Has been the lead negotiator for in and out-licensing of several major branded products, e.g. Camptothecin (Irinotecan), G-CSF and Docetexol
2007 – 2013 Advisor to Actavis Group
Dr. Nozu lead the establishment of the JV with Aska Pharma, a Takeda Group company, in 2009 for Actavis Group

PhD. in Pharma Science from Kyoto University
Scientist at National Institute of Radiological Medicines, Chiba
Visiting scientist at NIH, Bethesda, USA