Our trading team has extensive know-how and experience in the retail business environment. We follow consumer trends closely and listens to our retail partners. Takanawa is servicing the retail market with products from Europe, Iceland, USA, Canada and Japan, focusing on high quality consumer products

Takanawa’s philosophy

  • Low cost, low inventory and direct shipments to retailers. Through improved efficiency Takanawa can offer better prices that benefit both retailers and consumers
  • Each product brought in should have margin and quality high enough for the retailer to keep it a priority product line
  • At the same time each brand receives Takanawa’s undivided attention
  • Takanawa is continuously exploring new brands to further strengthen its brand portfolio

Company registration

  • Takanawa Consumer Goods is operated by the registered company Takanawa Innflutningur ehf. (Takanawa Import Co., Ltd) in Reykjavik, Iceland