Our import strategy is simple

Low overhead
  • The company is a young, small, lean and mean importer
  • The company will not fall into
    the classic “Wholesalers trap” of expensive inventory, large warehouse and office buildings, fleet of trucks, large sales force, heavy overhead and expensive mass media marketing
Delivery directly to resellers warehouse
  • Takanawa customers, who are responsible for the majority of all sales of FMCG in their areas, have their own fully functioning warehouses
  • Those are the target customers of Takanawa
Lower margin than traditional wholesalers
  • With low overhead and streamlined trading Takanawa is able to optimise/minimize the margin
  • This is the key!
Little or no inventory
  • Inventory management is expensive
  • Warehouses cost
  • Key retailers have their own warehouses. We deliver directly to the retailers warehouses
Higher margin for retailers
  • We work on minimizing all cost in the supply chain and provide retailers with products with real margins and at the same time the end consumer with attractive prices
  • Margin high enough for the retailer to stay loyal to the product
Little or no debt
  • We have a strong bank backup, no debt and are able to pay everything in advance
  • We can easily get our partners a letter of recommendation from our main bank