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Takanawa was founded in 2010. Our core business is enhancing trade and business between Japan, Europe and the United States

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Our expertise

Our areas of expertise lie within pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods and renewable energy/financing.

We focus on investments, project development, import and export opportunities and provide general consulting on business development across Japan, Europe and United States

Our Business
Our team

Our team consists of 15 highly educated and experienced individuals from Japan, Iceland, Sweden and France

Our Team

Our Business

200 years of experience

Our seasoned pharmaceutical industry specialists have an extensive track record, global experience and over 200 years of combined experience in the sector. We develop and advise cross border pharma transactions and alliances

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We partner with companies like ORF Genetics and BIOEFFECT which are pioneers in the manufacturing of growth factors and other recombinant proteins in plants

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Each brand receives Takanawa’s undivided attention

We follow consumer trends closely and listen to our retail partners. Takanawa is servicing the retail market with high quality consumer products

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We advised National Power Company of Iceland on USD 68 million ECA financing, for a 90 MW geothermal power plant, by JBIC, NEXI, Citibank Japan, Bank of Yokohama and Commerzbank. The deal was awarded Trade Finance Deal of 2016 by Trade Finance Analytics

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our team has extensive experience in various social activities and we actively use Takanawa’s strength and connections for the social good.

For example, Takanawa initiated and organized the Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Exhibition, in Iceland from Aug. 9. – Oct. 29. 2012

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What's new at Takanawa

Cori-Pharma aquires Actavis

We are proud that  Takanawa, started the process of acquiring Actavis manufacturing site in Iceland two years ago. Together with a great team of former Actavis people, financial experts and a strong group of investors it was successfully completed yesterday! – The name of the new company, “Coripharma”, has the Japanese word “Cori” (氷) which...

Takanawa welcomes Ísey Skyr to Japan

  On Tuesday 29 May, Takanawa and Icelandic dairy company MS signed a production and branding agreement for Ísey Skyr with Nippon Luna, a dairy company owned by Nippon Ham, which is one of Japan’s largest fresh and frozen food companies and the world’s fourth largest meat producer. Nippon Ham, which has an annual turnover...

Takanawa supported Landsvirkjun securing ECA financing from Japan for Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant

Landsvirkjun has signed an ECA (Export Credit Agency) loan agreement in relation to a supply contract for two 45 MW geothermal turbines from Fuji Electric for the Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant, scheduled to commence operation in 2017. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) provided buyer’s credit totaling up to USD 34 million (JBIC’s portion)...


2015年11月24日、バイオエフェクト・スキンケアシリーズがついに日本に初上陸しました。 180人以上の記者、ジャーナリスト、美容関係者の方々が駐日アイスランド大使館にて行われたプレス発表会にお越しいただき大成功を収める事が出来ました。 バイオエフェクト・ジャパンチームによるブランド紹介の後、バイオエフェクトの開発者の一人であるビョルン・オルヴァル博士によるバイオエフェクトに含まれている植物由来のEGFの特徴の説明を行い、最後にはグズルン駐日アイスランド大使夫人と多忙なビジネスウーマンとして世界中を飛び回っているアスタさんから長年バイオエフェクト製品を使用しているアイスランド人女性として使用感などの感想をお話しいただきました。 プレス発表会の後には、ローンチパーティーとアイスランドのクリスマスパーティを行いました。アイスランドのお酒にビール、そしてSkyr(スキール)というアイスランドのヨーグルトを使用したデザート、またホームメイドクッキーやホットワインをお客様に楽しんでいただきました。

Sóknarfæri í jarðhitanýtingu í Japan

Sóknarfæri í jarðhitanýtingu í Japan Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, umhverfis- og auðlindaráðherra, ávarpaði sl. þriðjudag í Tókýó ráðstefnuna „Japan Iceland Geothermal Forum 2014“, þar sem fjallað var um jarðhitasamvinnu Íslendinga og Japana. Sigurður Ingi sagði mikla möguleika felast í samvinnu þjóðanna. Ráðstefnan var haldin á vegum Íslensk-japanska verslunarráðsins í samstarfi við  Bloomberg-fréttaveituna og var hún vel...

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